Friday, October 28, 2016

Act 5 Scene 1- Haley

1) 5.1- At the beginning of the scene, the gravedigger and someone else are arguing about whether or not Ophelia deserves a Christian burial. The gravedigger doesn't think that she deserves a Christian burial because he thinks she died out of suicide. The other person said that if she had no money then she wouldn't be having a Christian burial. Hamlet and Horatio come into the graveyard and watch in the distance. As Hamlet sees the skulls being excavated to make room for the new grave he starts to wonder what kind of jobs those skulls have. As the funeral starts, Hamlet still doesn't know who the funeral is being held for but he can tell that it was most likely for a suicide because it seemed "maimed". Hamlet and Horatio hide as the burial is going on but Hamlet can see that it is Ophelia when they put her in the ground. While that is happening, Laertes gets mad at the priest because the priest said that doing a Christian burial would offend the dead. Hamlet becomes outraged and jumps in the grave shouting that he would do anything to stay with Ophelia like eat a crocodile or be buried alive with her.

3) 5.1- Hamlet- why were you and Horatio hiding at the beginning of the funeral? Priest- why did you say that a Christian burial would offend the dead?

6) I feel like Hamlet actually does love Ophelia by the way he acted at the funeral. If he didn't love her he would've just blown off her death and not thought much about it but when he jumped into the grave with her and said that he would do anything to stay with her showed how much he cared for her.

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