Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Act 4 Scenes 1-3

1) 4.1-3 - Gertrude is very worried about Hamlet so she goes to talk to Claudius. She tells him that he is "as mad as the sea in a violent storm". She also told him that Hamlet had killed Polonius. He tells Gertrude that he must send Hamlet to England asap and find a way to explain what Hamlet did to the court. In scene 2, the scene is opened up by Hamlet hiding Polonius' body by saying "safely stowed". When Hamlet is asked where he hid the body he never gives a definite answer.

2) 4.1-3 - This scene is important because without it, the play would be very confusing as to what Hamlet decided to do with Claudius.

3) 4.1-3 - Gertrude - how did you feel when you saw Hamlet stab Polonius? Claudius - are you scared now that Hamlet is out to kill you?

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