Monday, October 17, 2016

Act 3 scene 1

Act 3 Scene 1
 1) 3.1- This scene is about everyone spying on Hamlet to find out why he is so insane. Polonius sends Ophelia somewhere where Hamlet would encounter her. When they started talking, Hamlet was being nice and then closer to the end of their conversation he started to be mean to Ophelia. Claudius says that Hamlet's behavior is not caused by love. He then sends Hamlet on an embassy to England. Polonius tells Claudius to not send Hamlet until Gertrude talks to him after the play which occurs later that night.

2) 3.1- I feel like Hamlet's whole monologue is very important because it shows how he felt and if we didn't know how he felt then we would wonder more about why he is acting the way he is.

3) 3.1- Hamlet- Why were you so rude to Ophelia? Ophelia- How did you feel when Hamlet told you to go to the nunnery? Getrude- what are you going to talk to Hamlet about?

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