Friday, October 7, 2016

1) 1.3 - This scene is about Laertes giving Ophelia advice on Hamlet. Ophelia is falling in love with Hamlet but Laertes doesn't like it. Laertes basically tells Ophelia "block Hamlet on everything, delete him out of your life or you will have consequences and I will duel Hamlet" The reason why Laertes doesn't like Hamlet is because, Hamlet is royalty and Ophelia isn't and Laertes feels like Hamlet is just going to use Ophelia and lead her on and then find someone in his class that is better.

3) 1.3 - Ophelia - What makes you like Hamlet so much? Will you still love him even after your brother gave you all that advice?  Hamlet - Even though Ophelia feels strongly about you, how do you feel about her?

6) 1.3 - I feel like Laertes cares deeply about Ophelia considering the way he acts about her and Hamlet. You can tell this by the way he talks to her while giving her advice and the way he wants to duel Hamlet if they continue talking. Even though they talked i feel like Ophelia will still go after Hamlet because she is in love with him.

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