Monday, October 10, 2016

1) 1.5- The ghost comes back and begins to talk to Hamlet, claiming to be his father's spirit. The ghost tells Hamlet to seek revenge on Claudius. The ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius has corrupted Denmark and Gertrude. The ghost leaves when the sun goes down. When Horatio and Marcellus enter the room, they see that Hamlet is shaken up and they ask what happened to him but Hamlet refuses to tell them.

3) 1.5- Why did Hamlet decide to not tell Marcellus and Horatio about him seeing the ghost? Why does the ghost think that Claudius corrupted Denmark and Gertrude? Why does Hamlet not want Marcellus and Horatio to tell anyone that he was shaken up?

7) 1.5- I kind of feel bad for Hamlet because he just got visited by the ghost which he thinks is his father. Also when the ghost comes he tells Hamlet to avenge his death. I just feel like that's a lot to handle at one time. He was so worried about all of this he didn't even want his friends knowing about what happened.


  1. 1) Because the ghost didn't want Hamlet to act against his mother. 2) Because there is a snake in the state of Denmark. 3) Because he doesn't want people to think that the queens son is mad.

  2. 1. he was scared of the out come and that they wouldn't believe.
    2.The ghost says that he gave King Hamlet poison
    3. Because he doesn't wanna dishonor the family's name by making them sound weak, he doesn't wanna do wrong by his father